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Obesity Care

Wilgenstraat 2
Phone#1: +32 51 23.70.08
Phone#2: +32 51 23.70.09
Fax: +32 51 23.79.41


Bank Belgium: 467-5157561-61
IBAN: BE62 4675 1575 6161


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For Belgian residents: please contact your local healthcare provider (mutuality).

For non-Belgian residents following prices are valid:

Description Hospital Hotel*
Gastric Bypass 7.500 3 nights 5 nights
Gastric Banding 4.500 1 night 3 nights
Gastric Sleeve 5.500 3 nights 5 nights
+ Lap. cholecystectomy 700 / /
Private Room Supplement 650 / /

* Travel and hotel costs not included. Personal Coach always included.

Included in the price:
  • Personal Coach
  • Dietician Consult
  • Number of hospital days as stated on the menu
  • Drugs, medication and bandages used in the hospital
  • Operation fee, anaesthesiologist, clinical biology
  • All surgical equipment
  • Preoperative investigations, gastroscopy, ultrasound, ECG, chest x-ray, lab etc.

Additionel costs not included:

  • Treatment off unexpected medical or survival complications
  • Unforeseen admittance in the intensive care unit
  • Wound care products and medication at home
  • Extra beverages in the hospital room
  • Telephone expenses
  • Travel and hotelcosts

Pré- en postoperative investigations (mutuality):

  • ECG
  • Laboratorium
  • Gastroscopy
  • Echo galbladder/duct
  • X-ray abdomen
  • Dietician Consult



Cost of the surgical intervention:

  • The proposed price doesn’t include unforeseen treatment of medical or surgical complications. The overall complication rate in our hospital is less than 3% (which is according to the literature and the complication rate worldwide in comparable institutions). Hence if additional treatment is necessary , the additional cost will be charged.
Hotel / transport:
  • Hotel costs are not included in the proposed price. You can choose to make the reservations directly yourself or you can ask our secretary to organize it for you.
  • The hospital is not responsible for services offered by third parties such as airlines, trains, hotels, taxi etc.
Hospital stay:
  • We ask you to do a full payment at least 2 weeks prior to the operation date
  • Patients will be asked to bring a copy of the bank transfer and show it on arrival in the hospital.
  • Signing an informed consent form is mandatory.
  • A private room will be given according to the availability. We advice to make an early reservation .
  • When leaving the hospital you will be asked to pay for additional services such as extra drinks, food or telephone bill.
  • The cancellation cost prior to surgery is 10% off the total amount.
  • If the surgeon decides the surgery is to dangerous due to medical conditions, no cancellation-fee will be charged. Only the costs of the performed investigations will be presented.
How to pay ?
  • The easiest way to pay is in euros (€) by bank transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • The privacy policy on the medical records is submitted to the Belgian law.
  • Disputes can be treated in a Belgian court of law.