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Obesity Care

Wilgenstraat 2
Phone#1: +32 51 23.70.08
Phone#2: +32 51 23.70.09
Fax: +32 51 23.79.41


Bank Belgium: 467-5157561-61
IBAN: BE62 4675 1575 6161


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Heilig Hart Roeselare is a hospital with four campi.  Two campi are located in Roeselare (campus Wilgenstraat and campus Westlaan) and two campi are located in Menen (campus Bruggestraat and campus Rijselstraat).

The Heilig Hart Hospital is a supraregional hospital of 883 acute beds and 55 beds for geriatric patients.  Our hospital wants to offer quality of care on the medical and nursing point of view.

In 2006, 70.000 patients were admitted in our hospital of which 42.200 patients were treated in day-care.  In 2006, 19.000 surgical procedures were performed and 16.488 patients were admitted through the emergency department.  In Menen, this was respectively 6.500 and 9.100.

160 medical staff members and 2100 employees are employed.

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General management and it's organigram:

  • Dr. P. Waterbley, general manager
  • Dr. R. Beeuwsaert, chief of medical staff
  • Dhr. R. Devaere, director economic department
  • Dhr. B. Duplacie, director of health-care information and quality-care
  • Dhr. K. Huyghe, director legal department
  • Dhr. L. Rosseel, director nursing
  • Dhr. L. Splingaer, fdirector financial department
  • Dhr. C. Van der Beken, director facility department
  • Dhr. H. Vanlerberghe, president of the board of governors
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